“[Leadership]…Its about ensuring people are empowered to do what they’re asked to do”

Peter Beattie AC

Former QLD premier Peter Beattie is getting down to the job of organising the April 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast – it’s what he’s learnt in a lifetime of leadership roles. As chairman of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, he’s well aware of the responsibility of organising the biggest event in […]

When Trump Wins… Saul shares with CCI his thoughts on the US election and the dangerous trend in world politics.

Renowned Economist Saul Eslake

Australia’s most renowned and straight-shooting economists, Saul Eslake talks to CCI about a number of topics that influence the Western Australia economy ahead of the Lighthouse Leadership Series business lunch on November 2 – limited tickets are still available here. Independent economist Saul Eslake says US presidential candidate Donald Trumps’ notorious rise is further evidence of how authoritarian […]

Rob Bransby to Talk to CCI Business Leaders About a Cure for the Health System

MD HBF Rob Bransby

Ahead of CCI’s Lighthouse Leadership Series Corporate Lunch on Wednesday 12 October, the chief of WA’s number one health insurer talks to our news team about his vision for a radically different looking national healthcare sector. Rob Bransby paints an interesting, if worrying, picture of the Australian health system right now: 24 million people, eight states […]