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Band Methyl Ethyl

Methyl Ethyl heads off on its world tour shortly and is getting a helping hand from an unexpected quarter. Organising hassle-free passage for a touring rock band is just another day in the office for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA trade team. When emerging psych-rock sensation Methyl Ethel heads off on its ground-breaking world tour shortly, the Perth-based trio will be getting a helping hand from — CCI.

Following the success of its debut LP, Oh Inhuman Spectacle, the band is hot property and about to set off on a European, Canadian and mainland USA tour where the trio’s music is being devoured by a growing number of fans of all ages and tastes.

Debut LP ‘Oh Inhuman Spectacle’ Out Now.

But it’s not just a case of Jake Webb, Thom Stewart and Chris Wright packing their bags and heading to the airport — the logistics behind such a tour is considerable. There’s paraphernalia such as guitars and drums and a seemingly never-ending supply of sound equipment that is pivotal to the band’s overseas success. Then there’s Customs. And paperwork. And constantly dealing with, and explaining to, the long line of authorities about this and that, who owns what, etc. Enter the CCI…

Through our International Trade and Investment Centre, unit, CCI has organised quick and easy passage for the band and their equipment through a ‘carnet’, guaranteeing Methyl Ethel face minimal fuss when they’re moving between continents and countries.

A carnet is an internationally recognised pass for goods – basically a temporary import-export document. Instead of being slugged with bonds, duty taxes and fees on goods taken into various countries, a carnet serves as a quasi-passport and allows the holder to take goods or equipment across borders without being slugged with any trans-national excises.

It might not sound very rock’n’roll, but securing the carnet was music to the ears of Methyl Ethel.

If you need help sending high value goods overseas contact CCI’s International Trade and Investment Centre team for advice and help on utilising carnets.

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